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Does anyone know how common it is for a Doctor to put children on Zoloft? Specifically ages 4-6?

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Does your child have add or adhd? My Granddaughter has beeen on it since she was 6 she is add and adhd along with depression and post traumatic stress disorder she is on zoloft 50mg a day, medadate, clonipin ,
Hi, I'm also looking for some feedback from anyone who has a child on zoloft. My 8 year old daughter is ADD and is on Strattera. Which we started 2 weeks ago when she began to emotionally fall apart while taking Adderall XR. She has always had a "dark" side (her father suffers from depression - runs in his family). She began locking herself in the bathroom at school - crying - and the only reason she could give us and her teacher was that she feels "sad" inside. We were seeing the same behavior at home. She shows little interest in the things she always enjoyed. I have seen these symptoms before in my husband. Her Ped. prescribed zoloft - 25 mg to start going up to 50 mg if needed. We are planning to start tomorrow - I have to admit I am a little uncomfortable putting her on it. But I also realize what a difference antideppresants have made for my husband. It breaks my heart to have such a unhappy 8 year old!
I find your posts very interesting, I have a 6 y/o who is often sad, cries at the slightest little thing, has low self esteem, etc. This is not new behavior, in fact she cried from birth - 8 months old (as if she had colic or "baby heartburn or indigestion"). I wanted to throw her against the wall (I hate to admit it but I really wanted to!). Weird thing about that crying is it stopped after I switched her to milk from formula. I couldn't afford formula anymore, I was alone with 4 kids all under 6. I always figured her "sadness" was because of her speech delay, a lot of the kids at daycare stayed away from her because they didn't understand her (even at 5). She had 1 or 2 good buddies (boys). Last summer (1st week of July) I pulled her out of daycare only because she was crying all the time, so I figured what the heck she starts kindergarten in a couple of months anyway. She had a great summer, then started school which was a big issue because she was dying to go. Then about a 1 1/2 months ago she comes home cying telling me kids are making fun of the way she talks and dresses (she's extremely self- concious-sp?),etc. I wrote a note to the teacher, turns out it was some kids in grades 2+3, and that she has lots of friends at her grade level and grade 1 because her bigger sister (13 months older) is in grade 1.

Anyway, I'm rambling on [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/gabby.gif[/img] . I always thought that one day she'll end up on anti-depressants because she's always been my "emotional one". Depression runs in my family too. My Mom"s on Paxil and I'm on Zoloft. Everybody who has ever known my dd knows she will cry at the drop of a hat, and it has nothing to do with not getting her own way, it's just an emotional thing. She is my most affectionite (sp), best behaved, best tempered child. She's 1 of 5

So I find it very, very interesting that kids that young CAN be on anti-depressants [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bang.gif[/img] . Maybe I should speak to her Ped.

Sorry for going on so much in YOUR post but it felt good to vent, thanks :)

Please just pay close attention to any side effects. I was on zoloft, and it made me feel agitated, angry, and almost violent sometimes. I had heard of a man killing his family while on zoloft, and they blamed the medicine. I never would have believed it until I started taking it. I was able to see what was happening to me, and quit it after three months. A child may not be able to tell you what is going on. So please just be careful on this medication.