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Welcome to the board. First, I did "bother to read" your post because I care about my fellow RSD sufferers. I'm sorry you're in such a low place right now. This is really a hard disease to deal with. As you said, it's so much better having a disease that they can do something about...where there is a clear-cut diagnosis and a clear-cut solution. What types of treatments, meds, etc. have you been through for the RSD? Are you on an antidepressant? Antidepressants can help with pain and depression. Depression is very common in people with RSD for all the obvious reasons along with the fact that RSD affects the limbic system which can cause depression. I was in a major depression for years (and didn't even realize it) which was caused by the RSD itself, the meds I was on for pain. Zoloft helped me a great deal with that, but the biggest help I got was getting off the oral meds and getting a pump. The meds in the pump don't go through your system so they don't cause the side-effects you can get with oral meds. Within a week of getting my pump, I was happy again and only then, realized how depressed I actually had been. Try to hang in there and keep coming to us for support. That's why we're here.

Sharon :)