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Has anyone taken Zoloft or any other antidepressant while pregnant? When I got pregnant I was taking Lexapro for anxiety and as soon as I found out I weened myself off of it, but then as I got into my second trimester my doctor advised me that it was ok to take Zoloft if I needed it, I have been very nervous and anxious as I had a miscarriage last year and on top of that all of the changes I have been going through.
I took both Wellbutrin and Paxil throughout my first pregnancy and all through breastfeeding. I am now in pregnancy #2 and continuing this medication. I have felt overwhelmed and anxious at times and the Paxil really helps control that. These two drugs are safe for the baby, and if your doctor prescribed Zoloft, you should be reassured it is too. All drugs have safety ratings related to pregnancy that are based on the types of studies (or lack thereof) that have been done with pregnant women and their babies. If you want more reassurance about Zoloft, ask your doctor to explain these ratings to you and how Zoloft is rated. You can also Google "Zoloft pregnancy safety" and get good info that way.

The bottom line for me regarding antidepressants and pregnancy/the postpartum period is that a healthy, non-depressed mother will gestate a happier, healthier child, and be much more capable of being a caring, connected mother after the baby is born. The benefits far outweigh any risks.
I took Zoloft all throughout my first pregnancy, and everything was fine. And now, I'm 33 weeks with my second, and have been on Paxil the whole time. My dr assured me that it is safe, and I shouldn't worry about it at all. I have anxiety a lot, and add in these pregnancy hormones, and look out! I really need the Paxil. I have read it, and have heard it from my dr, that having depression or anxiety that isn't treated during pregnancy is not at all a good thing for the baby. I really was worried about taking Paxil, but I talked to my dr a lot about it, and she really helped me to see that this was not only a safe thing to do, but it was the best thing to do for myself and my baby. Again, it's a personal choice, as some will tell you it's not a good thing to do, but I personally try to ignore that, and just go with what is best for myself, and my baby, and what my dr recommends too.
I was debating too whether to go onto zoloft throughout the pregnancy and talked to my dr about it a little at my first visit, I can't start until after my first trimester but I think it's because I wasnt on anything before I got pregnant, I used to take xanax for anxiety/depression when I was in high school but didnt need it after that. Shortly after I got pregnant I started getting the panicky feeling back again about the smallest things, can't eat inside a resturaunt, hate shopping etc, because there were too many people. I feel a bit better now and I am about 9 weeks so when I go to my next appointment I will ask what the dr recommends from there. I personally would feel comfortable taking it as long as my dr told me it was safe. I also know a few people who didn't take anything at all not even a tylenol for a headache their entire pregnancy, but I figure why be in pain and be uncomfortable when something has been proven safe for you and your baby. If you feel better taking it I say go for it. :) hope everything works out for you