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Hi there,

Mind if I share my story? I was given Klonopin last Sept 04 when my son was having some emotional issues and had to be put into the hospital. My pcp gave them to me for anxiety. I was given 1mg tablets, to take 3 times a daily. For several months, I would take them off and on as I needed them until my doctor became uncomfortable prescribing them. He never told me they belonged to something called "benzos" and were highly addictive. He told me to go and see a psychiatrist for my anxiety. At this point it is now March of 05 and I can't get in to see a doctor but can see the nurse practitioner who is able to see patients. She listens to what has been going on and gives me zoloft and a prescription for Klonopin 100 pills, at 1mg, 3x daily. To make a long story short, they end up getting spilled on the kitchen floor and our dog Snickers gets to them before I do and so I call and get a partial refill since I won't see her for a few months. When I do go in she accuses me of becoming addicted to them etc etc.

At this visit, she gives me a prescription for 30 pills. I end up running out and going for 2 weeks without any klonopin, and at the last appointment she made it clear that she will not refill between appointments. When the withdrawls begin I start having a rushing sound in my ears, my heart is pounding, my fingers are numb and I am unable to sleep etc. When I finally go back in to see her, I have gone without them for two weeks, and I tell her point blank that she had no right to accuse me of being an addict, thats not the case, I'm the patient, and that klonopin is highly addictive and when stopped abruptly can cause seizures and she is lucky that didn't happen because it would have been her fault. I told her I just want to be free of klonopin. So we decide to taper off, she gives me 30 pills, and tells me to take 2 (.5) for 2 weeks and then 1 .5 for the rest of the time. I am to return in a month. I think she is mathematically challenged, since most would be gone in two weeks 28 :bouncing:

It's now June and I have tried to go without it, almost 2 weeks, but my anxiety got so terrible, I couldn't leave my house. I saw the nurse practitioner last week and she told me that we need to try something different, so now I am on buspar 10mg, zoloft 150mg and back on the klonopin .5.

I wish so much I had never heard of klonopin and I feel for both of you, I know what you are going thru, its a tough road. We're not alone.