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Hi everyone I’m hoping for some help here, I’ve been light headed now for over 2 years and it doesn’t go away it’s the same every day some days slightly worse than others but only a little, it started when I had a series of panic attacks about 3 years ago I was put on cipramil(ssri)and some kind of downers (don’t remember what ones) this cleared it up for some time then I stopped the downers and it came back since then I’ve been on Zoloft, Effextor I think they helped a little but nothing great so I stopped I’ve been off meds now for about 3 months but the light headedness is still the same so now I going to try cybalta. Doctors don’t want to give me downers which is frustrating as I think they where the only reason the light headedness went away the Zoloft and Effextor made the anxiety a little worse.

What I want some advise on really is whether this light headedness could be coursed by something other the anxiety I haven’t had a panic attack for a long time and can get on with my daily life with no problems although the light headedness is always there so this stresses me out on a daily basis? Can anyone give me some ideas on what I should be tested for? I’ve had all the blood tests the obvious ones anyway but that’s it, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If it is anxiety STILL coursing the light headedness then are there any other forms of treatment other than anti depressants I’m willing to try anything I will add that I’ve change my life style I exercise regularly eat well and don’t drink much so I’m looking after myself pretty well.

Here’s a little run down on my symptoms

The light headedness is pretty much constant all day

Knots in my stomach

Bit of wind

Blurry vision sometime pretty bad

Slight lack of energy

Other than that I feel pretty good not depressed really sometime a little because of the light headedness anyway I want to cover every possible course and possible ways to get over this its been to long and is starting to really piss me of any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.