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Thank you to lifegoeson and MARY G for replying.In response to both your questions about dealing with my depression, yes ive been on Zoloft 100mg for 3months now,but am getting my dose put higher.I see a councellor and a pyschiatrist both once a week.Although, i find it hard to open up to people so dont find they work that well for me.My depression has been caused by my bad childhood and recent bad family and friend issues.My back problems are also a factor which have contributed to this depression.

To lifegoeson:My doctor or physiotherapist have not really suggested holistic approaches, but have told me that i am to start a course of injections in my spine very soon.Im waiting for the hospital to inform me of this procedure still.
Also my physiotherapist which i see once a week,has made me join the gym to work on my poor posture,and to strengthen my weak muscles.I also go to pilates once a week,again to help with my posture.
Ive also tried a number of heat packs for my back,and massages,and massages based upon electrolosis,yet still to no avail.So,i am on anti inflamatory meds as well to try to ease the pain.I just dont know what to do anymore.It hurts like crazy,and is effecting me badly.Im only 17,and really dont think i deserve this pain and suffering.