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Bleedingsoul, I just had to reply when I read that you have hypothryoidism also. I just found out I had the same thing back in dec but have had problems with aniexty and depression for over 25 yrs. I really believe there is a connection with thyroid problems and depression. How long have u been diagnoised with being hypo? I can tell you that I am feeling the same way I did back when I was first put on Zoloft and xanax, since I had my thryroid removed. I really believe that is why I have had all these problems with anxiety and depression all along. I cannot function well enough now to drive, work or do anything much. I had to quit my job also due to all the panic attacks and thyroid issues. I know my meds are not right for my thyroid and I hope to get this checked out next wk. Have you had your levels checked lately? It might be what you need. I am beginning to feel so depressed and am having crazy thoughts again, it really is scarey. I think I am going back to my therapist also. Let me know how things go for you....good luck