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hi! I am 33 weeks pregnant and also suffered from panic and anxiety before, and during this pregnancy... I am on a low dose of Zoloft and have been for over a year no. My OB recomended staying on it during my pregnancy. At first my anxiety was reallly bad , i thought it was getting worse, but now during my later months it seems to have gotten better. Though i still have a lot of anxiety ( about giving birth now..) my panic attacks are once every two weeks maybe, instead of 5-6 times a week. I still worry, but i am trying not to for the babies sake hehe. ITs HARD when you deal with what we have, and being pregnant can either exasperate it, or help it. atleast thats what my doc had told me. Good luck!!!!!! Hang in there...good to see we arent alone =)

Ava 8-11-05
I have triend medicine before I was pregnant and it was not for me, I tried zoloft, paxil and effexxor and iy made me feel worse! so needless to say I dont take anything, I hope this doesnt get worse, i did not really feel depressed before but I do now, more so because I feel anxious and dont want to be, I may give meds another shot although I would rather not, because of past experiences with them but I refuse to suffer through this, I hate feeling this way
ya i know what you mean about the meds making you feel worse, i felt the same way, they started me out on paxil and after 3 days i had the worst panic attack ever and ended up in the ER--i swore i would never take anything else. I am afraid of meds of any kind, even tylenol--but then about a yr later i ended up trying zoloft, i was supposed to take the 25 mgs but ionly take 12.5. i dont even know if it helps or not. i stopped panic attacks but the constant worry is still there. I am sorry you have to go through this. There are books you can read that seem to help, about anxiety and what not. I hate feeling this way too!