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Quote from singer1:
I have had xrays on my back and Dr. said that there were some places that he could see why I had pain, but nothing too bad. What kind of pain meds do you recommend? I have IB Profen 800 mg, Midrin, that's about it!

Well Like I said before, You need to go and have more tests to pinpoint exactly what it causing your pain... XRays only show bone, they do not show muscle and nerve problems... which from the sounds of it you may have some nerve involvement since you are having pain in the genital area.... I had a herniated disc at L5-S1.. had a Laminectomy/Discectomy back in June 2004... had pain in the genital area before surgery, and now still after because I have nerve damage, because my nerve was compressed for so long before the surgery.... I am on 20 Mg Methadone 3 times a day for pain... Zanaflex at bedtime, Elavil at bedtime, and also Zoloft....the Methadone helps somewhat for the pain... but not completely..... but as far as IB 800 mg.... that definately would not touch my pain..... You probably need something stronger like Vicodin, or something along that line... but you really need to get in and get a MRI to see exactly what it causing your problem...and get it fixed.... If your doctor said he didnt see anything on the XRay that bad... he should have told you he would send you for a MRI to get more indepth information... and also... Did you mention the genital pain to him? If not you need to....Good Luck