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Scott once again a great post. I have learned a lot from your research in this. I totally agree this is totally linked the inner ear and pycho-somatic aspect of this. I however am not sure if this will stop your recovery or slow it down. I have had my condition for 19 months and the last month or two I am up to about 90% for 5 out of 7 days. I have been doing VRT no stop for 8 months. I have also been taking Zoloft and seeing a chiropractor the last 2 months. I found it really hard to cope and stop thinking about it. Even though I had problems I never stopped VRT and CBT, I had a bad attitude that I would never get better but felt guilty if I did not stay with the program. I felt like I was on a diet and guilty after I ate some cake. I think sticking with everything worked. I do not think about everythjing as much and the last month or so my life is pretty normal. But its not like I stopped thinking about it. My symptoms improved and then I stopped thinking about it.

Good Luck to all....

Scott how is everything with the GF I hope better...

One's attitude toward an illness probably determines its outcome. When I first came down with dizzyness, I panicked. I was not optimist and deathly afraid. As a result of my attitude I felt completely out of control and hopeless. It took many many months before I was able to get some sort of handle on the situation.

With the help of therapists (both physical and mental) and zoloft, I gradually got better. I'm still not 100% but I'm at the point that I can at least see some light at the end of the tunnel.

My symptoms were real and debilitating. However, looking back I often think that I would have had an easier recovery if I had been been more positive and realized that I do have some control over the situation.