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Hi Serph.
I'm no dr. and to be sure about this I would call one and ask. But as I remember when I was taking Zoloft a few years ago I used melantoin for sleep. I never had any reaction from doing this in fact I found that it helped with my insomia quite well. But I would really ask my dr. or pharmacist first to be on the safe side.
Peace to you and yours,
I also was on zoloft and couldn't sleep. I tried melatonin and it did nothing. It is found in alot of foods and is safe to use with meds. I was put on ambian for my insomnia. I do not like this drug due to its addictave nature. I built a tollerance high enough to put a 750 pound animal into a coma. the withdrawls almost killed me, I had to got to the hospital and be monitered while I got off the ambian. I currently still suffer from extreem insomnia. I maybe sleep 5 hours every 7 days. I am in the process of finding alternatives to using meds to help with my problem. Good luck and best wishes