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[[email protected]]The other night I started to have a strange sensation in my head. Almost like when you are flipping through the tv channels and you pass by a station that is "static". Its a split second senesation and its gone. I sometimes have it when I move my eyes left or right - even if they are closed.

I've tried explaining this sensation - but its hard to put into words. Its almost like statis, but a vibration at the same time. There is some sound related to it - but I hear it in my head as the "current" or sensation comes and goes.

almost like a zzzzzt, zzzzt, zzzt sound

I know this sounds crazy - but if you read my other post(s) - you will see that this is a new sysmptom of something no one has diagnosed yet.

I'm off to Doctor #9 for these issues and need to be able to relay this sensation/sound like an intelligent person.

Any help on where to look for what this might be?I'm wondering if you have started taking a new medication. I ask because I get zzzzzzz sounds in my head when I'm on Prozac or Zoloft. I've been on and off both those meds for years and it finally dawned on me that I only get that soft buzzing noise when I'm on one of those meds! I don't know if it's the same as yours but mine is like hearing the night sounds of insects & tree frogs from a distance. At least, it's like the night sounds from the fields and woods of VA. Best of luck...