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Can Zoloft And Lexapro Cause Any Brain Damage If Goin Off Of It Cold Turkey
I dont think you are looking at anything serious. No the combo of Lexapro and Zoloft shouldnt hurt you going off the Lexapro and staying on the Zoloft just for right now. Then you could ask your doctor to help you taper the Zoloft if you want. Take your time and I think you will have better results.
I know you are scared but just try and relax and do what your doctor says and you might suggest a slow taper when it comes time to get off the Zoloft.
I went cold turkey off of Zoloft about a year and a half ago. I had withdrawl symptoms for 2 weeks and then they quit. Just give it some time so that your body can adjust to being without the meds. Everything will be okay. If you are really concerned about the numbness, call your doctor and see if its normal. Take Care

Zoloft should be weaned off of. It gave me flu like symptoms for three days or so when my presrciption ran out.