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Also, there's different categories of SSRI's. For example, there's the traditional ones such as Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, and Paxil that just target serotonin reuptake, but the "atypical anti-depressants", which also work on serotonin, help with norepinephrine reuptake as well. Basically, for depression, the function is the same, but the atypical anti-depressants cannot be used for treatment of other conditions such as OCD and panic disorder because of the norepinephrine difference.
No, I think Effexor is just, as of now, an anti-depressant. It might very well be an SSRI, but not approved by the FDA for treatment in anxiety disorders. (Lexapro is commonly used for OCD and anxiety, but I did horribly on it, as my mother, who has depression and not OCD, does wonderfully on it, but since I don't have depression and it hasn't been proved that it works to treat OCD, that's why I don't think it worked for me). Norepinephrine isn't really associated a lot with anxiety, mostly depression. It is responsible for memory and detail, so it might very well be a part of OCD, but usually, in depression, a deficiency of norepinephrine attributes for the lack of concentration and the "brain fog" that a lot of people experience. So, yes, in answer to your question, Effexor might be classified as an SSRI because it does work on serotonin reuptake to treat depression, but it isn't very effective for pure anxiety as it hasn't been given the FDA approval. You might notice a difference in anxiety levels if you take Effexor or Lexapro, but usually only if your primary problem is depression. Otherwise, you'll need a med like Zoloft or Prozac to treat both, or even a benzodiazepine. I take Prozac (used to take Zoloft for three years until last Saturday) and Klonopin, so if you have any more questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them! :angel:
Gatsby, why did you stop taking Zoloft? is the prozac working for you? i am thinking about going back on prozac after 5 years. it worked before for my anxiety and depression so hopefully it will work again
Hey, carteke! I stopped taking Zoloft because, after three years on it (with a six month blip on Lexapro, which only made my OCD worse AND actually made me feel slightly depressed), it lost its efficacy. I started it for "generalized anxiety" at 15, when I didn't know what was wrong with me; I was only on 25 mg at the time. It literally helped me settle the first time I took it, and no, I don't believe it was a "placebo effect". :D Both my mother and I could tell the difference- I didn't want medication, so I don't think that it was a subconscious thing...Anyway, it really helped me the end of my sophomore year, which was just pure hell with the returning obsessions and severe panic attacks. I still made all "A's" somehow, but each day was torture. Junior year was excellent, my favorite school year by far! ;) I attribute it to the Zoloft- it really helped me enjoy life. I think I went up to 50 mg that April (of 2004) at the end of junior year; I started getting more tired, increased when I went to 75 mg that summer. I hate, hate, hate to sleep, so I felt like a zombie. That's why I switched to Lexapro in late August of '04, to see if it would decrease my sedation- wrong! Multiplied it ten-fold! I literally couldn't get any of my homework done until the morning (still made all "A's"- think it's because my brain is so used to procrastinating as a form of compulsive avoidance) before it was due, sometimes the period before it was due. So, I switched back to Zoloft around January- 100 mg. Amazingly, the tiredness stopped, and I noticed when I was weaning off of it (finished Saturday), I wasn't tired until I went from 100 mg to 50 mg, when I began to sleep again! Very strange- 250-100 weren't a problem; just seems that 50-75 are the worst for me. (I forgot to mention that, shortly after I was put on the Lexapro, I was officially diagnosed with OCD, which I knew I had since the summer after sophomore year...) Anyway, I kept increasing my Zoloft this past summer before college, and I got all the way up to 250 mg (300 is the max), and it just wasn't helping my OCD, let alone my panic attacks, which it never DID help. So, they realized that, while Zoloft worked for me for a long while, I just became tolerant to it, and my anxiety disorders were too severe for it to treat. That's why I switched to Prozac about a month ago, under the direction of the college psychiatrist. He also gave me Klonopin (only used it once so far, and it was the first thing that ever diminished my panic attack symptoms :bouncing: ), and a sample pack of the mood stabilizer Lamictal, which I'll start taking in a month, if the Prozac doesn't work on my mood swings. (I'm not clinically depressed, but I have long suspected- as well as about three different doctors- that I have cyclothymia, a very mild form of bipolar disorder where you switch from being "down" to being mildly hypomanic and giddy within hours, or even minutes. Have been like this since age four...) Hope this clarifies, and I hope your medication works for you, too! :angel:
Gatsby, thanks for the response. Lexapro did decrease my anxiety, substantially in fact. I had to give it up because, like you, I became much too tired. Conversely, Zoloft made me a little too wired to help with anxiety, but it helped relatives with their ocd and depression. Good luck with your med changes!
Gatsby -

Have a question for you. I may start Prozac soon. Am on Cymbalta now and have tried WEllbutrin, Zoloft, Lexapro and Paxil. The Norepineprine effect of the Cymbalta has me agitated and anxiety ridden which I am prone to. I love the energy and mental clarity it gives me, but I am blowing up at my family too much. I hate the weight gain issues of the LEx and Paxil. Lex did little for me except put weight on, Paxil seemed to work but I was only on it for a month before having to wean off. It seems like the meds that work well for anxiety and depression work best for me. I was wondering if you know if the Prozac with Wellbutrin will offset some of the anxiety that the Wellbutrin causes and the Wellbutrin maybe offset the sexual side effects of Prozac?????

I'm thinking I might start this combo next??? Also is Klonipin addicting? My Dr said that the Zanax that I take every once in awhile is habit forming. I m also thinking that adding a Klonipin type med to the Cymbalta or WEllbutrin may help with the anxiety part. I'm going to talk to my Dr next week at my appointment but wanted to get people's opinion.


Hey, chrismom! I'm relieved that it's not mania, so that's good! :D Anyway, no, as of yet, the Prozac hasn't caused weight gain, but I've only been on it for about a month. The only medication that did cause weight gain was (surprise, surprise) Lexapro. Nothing good came out of that medication as far as my treatment goes! I'm kind of obsessive about my weight, too, but only in the way that I like to weigh the same thing and I worry about heart disease and such... :rolleyes: I'm actually a healthy weight (almost 5'4 and 135- was 125 before Lexapro), which may be more than what the average girl weighs now, but I figure that the "average" girl nowadays is far too skinny. As my name suggests, I'm a huge nostaligia buff, and I'd much rather look like movie stars of the 50's, like Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe, who were voluptuous and had curves like women are supposed to, than look like one of these women around today who literally starve themselves, and create stereotypes of "anorexia" that aren't true- anorexia is a real disease that the people can't help; these movie stars do it voluntarily and on purpose... I'm not athletic at all, so I've never done sports of any kind, just weigh myself as a checking compulsion and eat healthy to maintain my weight. (That's why I didn't get the "Freshman 15" because I'm not doing any less exercise than normal- actually more because I walk uphill more than I did in high school- and I don't eat a lot of junk, so the calorie-laden crap here didn't tempt me. I'd much rather have an orange than a piece of cake any day, but then again, I've always been strange like this! ;) ) Fluoxetine is the chemical, "generic" name for Prozac, but it's the same thing. I have "fluoxetine", and it doesn't specifically say "Prozac" on it, but it means the same- my psychiatrist prescribed me "Prozac". I think the only reason I got actual "Zoloft" rather than "sertraline" because I got that provided by a different pharmacy for insurance reasons, but whatever. My "clonazepam", or generic Klonopin, works just fine! And, thank you for saying that I'm a "wealth of psychiatric information." That made my day! :bouncing: I'm a neuroscience major and I've done a lot of outside research, so the fact that other people think I'm knowledgable even though I'm a mere "freshman" is a real honor! Write back soon! :angel:
Thanks, chrismom. However, I've been taking it for almost two months now, and the reason that I'm discouraged is because of how quickly the Zoloft worked for me. I realize that it can take 6-8 weeks for the medication to be effective (and Prozac does have a longer half-life than Zoloft), but I, no lie, saw a difference in the first week when I took Zoloft for the first time. As far as the Klonopin goes, I guess it's been working, but I haven't really had anything to really try it out on yet. Today was the first day that I had a test, but I don't know if it worked for that because I didn't take it last night- I'd rather have the severe anxiety than fall asleep from the sedating Klonopin and not be able to study sufficiently. So, we'll see...Friday, I have both a calc and a chem exam, so if I'm free from panic, then I'll know the Klonopin is working very well! ;) I think it's working for the random panic attacks that I've been getting more so here at college from a subconscious fear, but I guess I'll just have to wait it out for the really bad panic-evoking situations. My CBT therapist said that she wanted me to take the Klonopin daily so I could see what it was like to have a "quiet brain", free of anxiety and fear. I assume it's doing its job, but then again, I'm barely awake to see whether or not my brain is doing anything except dreaming! I just hate that it makes me sooo tired! :yawn: Not only do I hate to sleep and am a naturally light sleeper (I've been up since 4:30 this morning voluntarily studying, and I'm not even tired...), but if I can't stay awake, how in the world can I get my work done? (This is just like last year with the stupid Lexapro.) And, if I don't take the medication, my anxiety/OCD will just worsen! Talk about a double-edged sword! :rolleyes: I'll talk to you soon, and I hope you're doing well! :angel:
Thanks GuineaPig, but I have a VERY strong feeling that I won't be able to get rid of panic attacks without the Klonopin or another benzodiazepine, unfortunately. So far, the Klonopin has been the only medication that has even remotely done anything for my panic attacks; the Zoloft and, now, the Prozac, just work somewhat for my OCD, helping the efficacy of my CBT. However, today was the first day for awhile that I've had the panic attacks for no good reason- having one right now. Probably either because I didn't take the Klonopin last night, or today was just too stressful...But, yes, the Lexapro sucked. It actually made my anxiety worse, and it made me start to feel depressed, the irony being that, not only do I not have depression, but it's a freakin' anti-depressant! :rolleyes: I thank you for your concern, and I hope both you and I can get well. God bless and write back soon! :angel: