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Hello there stranger
I too am on wellbutrin, but only 150 mgs becasue I also take an anti-depressant. I am sorry to hear you are feeling anxious on the new RX. I know my Doctor, (who I trust very much, in case you've never seen me write of him on the board here) told me that when wellbutrin first came out that alot of his patients reported taking it in the morning, getting kind of a "rush" and then crashing in the afternoon before the next dose. Therefore he only likes to prescribe the xl. I think for the money it saves it you, it's probably not worth the anxiety that it seems like it's causing you. I know another girl on this board, Camping girl, was also taking the wellbutrin just like you. Maybe she will post something here.

Myself I seem to be doing well on the 150, my husband and I are working some things out, since he recently went on zoloft. As far as he goes, things are a little better.

Well, I'll keep track of your post Littlejmb, hope you do a little better, or maybe make the switch.

I know you really don't want to consider the hormone thing, but both I and my Dr are now thinking it may be the key factor here. ( For me that is ) I did have a little backslide over the weekend ( It was originally brought on by a fight with the insurance company over my ANTI-ANXIETY MEDS, hows that for irony!!!) Anyway, I am on the last leg of cymbatla withdrawl (1/4 dose every other day) and can FEEL it ! But I realized something after these insurance idiots had me in a crying jag ( remember. thats how these panic attacks kind of come out lately) for about an hour. ( still definitely better than 3 or even 6 mos ago! )

See, at about 7 that night I realized that I had taken my ( low dose) hormone patch off in the AM when I took a shower ( I need Joe's help with the sticky things, my hands don't work so well--so I usually take one off, put one on at the same time, no lapse.) The way I did it this day, I had created a 7 or 8 hour time lapse! [ remember these are patches, so they work right away, right? ] So, I put my patch back on, felt okay most of the night, even went to a halloween party the next night. I do feel a little weird and tired last few days, but I may be coming down with something- OR the cymbalta withdrawl, OR, it does take a lot out of me when I have these fits, then afterwards I am in a small depression because I can't stand that feeling of being so out of control of my emotions. ( For an hour or a month, doesn't matter ! )

Basic point here is maybe you should re-read some stats on the hormone thing. If you've only seen cetrtain articles that sensationalized this you may not have heard it all. A lot depends on family history of cancer and cardiac, your age, how many side effects you ARE having that MIGHT be from a hormone imbalance. I know one Dr at the practice I go to doesn't even do the bloodwork for estro levels. He says he has seen women in middle menopause with all screwed up hormones, and NO symptoms, and women in peri, with little change in their bloodwork, but EVERY symptom in the book ! I mean it may be an option to try, at least short term for a month so , to see if it helps. I knew right away. And I guess trying it is the only way to tell, like the ADs.

Other than that, I wanted to ask, is the lexapro a sri or ssri ( that is assuming I am right in thinking the ssri's have norepinephrin in them and sri's don't. ) Maybe a light dose sri ( zoloft, paxil, prozac ) and the 150 wellbutrin would work for you. ( Still no news on the sex front, libido is there though, one good sign. ) Beleive you-me, you will be the first to know! ( Any luck for me, and you'll feel the earth moving all the way down there!)

Anyway that's it for now. Oh, oops, I wanted to add too, that all the women they studied in that estrogen/progestorone study were in their 60's. ( Or so I heard. Just not a varied subject group)

Hugs for anything you need them for-
Keep in touch-
Kinsey, I am feeling better, it may have just been the transition from the WB XL to the SR. I am feeling more even now. I do notice one difference in the SR. I really don't think about eating, or really don't get hungry. I wasn't really like that on the XL. That's a good thing! Hopefully I will get to test the sex thing out this weekend. Don't get many chances to test that part out :rolleyes:

Lexapro is a SSRI and has Seratonin. I am not sure was a SRI is. I know Cymbalta has seratonin and norepenephrine (both brain chemicals) in it. I bet you are right down to real withdrawal from it right now. It is though, but you being on Zoloft should help you with that.

I know the hormones would probably help me, but I'm a stubborn little gal and just dont want to go that route unless I have to :nono: I guess if I got bad enough I would try it. I wonder if progresterone cream would help? I know CG was trying that and it was helping her. I wish we'd hear from her because I worry about her. She wasn't doing very well the last time we heard from her.

Well, I know if at all possible I will stay on the WB SR now, because they are going up on our prescriptions the first of the year. Five dollars each. That means generic will be $15 and name brand $30. :eek: Not good news at all.

Well, let me know how you're doing, ok? I will pray the transition is not as bad when you're finally off the Cymbalta.

Hugs back,

It's been a couple days, are you still doing well? I hope so, kept you in my thoughts. I also wanted to let you knopw my co-pay for the welbutrin xl is $40. If that makes you
feel any better. You must have a good plan, I think I have a chance to change mine and I might. I guess it depends how much you go to the doctor, how many meds you take( especialy non-generic as you know!) and how many procedure type things you need done. Plus the biggee for me, because of the multi-medical is to make sure that my Drs take the insurance. I keep thinking the laws will change to keep insurance companies from robbing us blind, but I think they have too much political control. You literally can't afford to be sick in this country!

I wanted to share something with you I thought was kind of odd. Now keep in mind, I am still in the last stages of the cymbalta thing ( every other day for about 6 days now. First 2 days were weird, but so far so good. knock wood[ Thanks for thinking of me] Remember I did this so ridiculously slow, I was hoping it would help at the end, it is seeming to, I guess next week or two will tell the tale.

Anyway, yesterday I was having a pretty good day. hubby was home, we took the dogs to the park, and I remember even feeling, "hey I feel pretty calm today" [ I have had to usually take 1 or 2 ativans since starting the withdrawl.didn't take any] Then, about 8 at night, I looked in my little day by day pill holder, and there sat my wellbutrin tablet ! I guess it just kind of stuck when I dumped the pills out in the morning ( I take about 4 or 5, zoloft is an extra half just from how they're prescribed, etc.)I guess I was probably sleepy or something, and didn't notice. I figured it was too late to take it, so I skipped it. Still feel fine today,[ took it today as normal ] but what do you think? I was assumimg it was going off the cymbalta making me jumpy, maybe it is the wellbutrin? I think that after I have the cymbalta out for awhile, maybe I will try to quit the wellbutrin and see what happens.{ of course I will taper } Remember he only prescribed it for the sex thing. It hasn't helped that yet, maybe it was simply too much seratonin, or the epinephrine![ from cymbalta] I know I would certainly be more likely to climax when I am relaxed than on edge. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this. If I decide to try to stop the wellbutrin, how long do you think I should wait after say, the last cymbalta pill? You know, so i will know what I am feeling, ( or not) is surely from the WB ?[ Again I would taper if I did this] I was thinking 2 weeks, but maybe a month is better. I don't want to throw any wrenches into the works now that I'm doing pretty good, I think I told you my main problem is anxiety, and I know th WB is kind an up type of drug. Might be too much for me [ still on 150 , and 150 zoloft] Actually I was doing pretty good a year ago on just the zoloft, ( 150) but as you know, you get used to the dosage. It wasn't working quite as well, and rather than up my dose, ( and because of the pain) Dr switched me to effexor. Thats when all the trouble started.

Wow, just think, maybe it has taken a year of my life, just to get back to where I was a year ago! Oh well, I learned some things, and I beleive God has his reasons. I have had many bad events in my life turn into good things eventually.

Anyway, after you read this novel, let me know what you think.
Kinsey, I am not sure what to tell you. I do know that WB is not really a good drug for anxiety. Although... I do have anxiety and depression, and I don't seem as anxious on it, so it has got to help somewhat for that.

If you really think the WB may be the cause of your not feeling well, maybe a few weeks after you are completely off the Cymbalta, you could try weaning off the Wellbutrin to see how you do on just the Zoloft. I'm like you - taking the WB hasn't really done anything for my sex drive or climax problem, so the only reason I am sticking with it, is that I don't get as hungry on it and I am able to concentrate alot better on it. Before I was on Lexapro and even while I was on it, my mind was all over the place and I couldn't seem to settle it down long enough to concentrate on my work. I felt like I wasn't ever getting anything done. Now I feel more focused, and that is a good thing ;)

I forgot to take my Lexapro once or twice and I didn't feel any different, so I think you would have to go without it a few days to really go into brain shock. I would definitely wait maybe a month before you do that. Get your system used to no Cymbalta first.

I am feeling good. I think last week I felt really anxious and in a rage because of switching from the XL to the SR. I don't care what they SAY, I think you react differently from the two formulas. Believe it or not, I have actually been really good at remembering to take the second dose. Hey for the $15.00 I'm saving, I can remember, lol

I wonder what happened to CG? I looked at our old thread and did a search on her and the last thing she posted on the boards was on our thread - on October 20. Anyway - she has been MIA for a while now. I just hope she is doing ok!

I hope you continue to feel well, and hope I have helped in some way!


Hi Kinsey :wave:

I'm doing good. I guess I got adjusted to the SR now. I bet you're feeling really bad because of your period. It does all kind of wacko things to you, even not being able to sleep. I have been sleeping pretty darn good this week.

What I take is the 5-HTP, but you don't need to take that since you are on the Zoloft. You may get seratonin overload. You can try the Valarian root though. It is calming and is supposed to help you sleep, and GABA is too. CG was taking GABA and said it worked well.

I have not heard or seen anything of her. It's like she dropped off the face of the earth. Kind of unusual because she was always there with us posting. I hope she is ok!

Hope you feel better too - and hang in there, I will pray for you :angel:
I started on Zoloft. Made me manic. Then Paxil which was a little more gentle but plateaued in a few months. Effexor, Remeron, whew the weight gain. Then Wellbutrin after six years of the other meds. Wellbutrin SR worked the best for depression because it was the only one that didn't make me have a nap late afternoon. But periodic rages were still a problem. I got fed up and found an orthomolecular doctor. They only use drugs as a last resort. He told me about medical studies for depression using fish oil along with meds or by itself. He got me tapered off Wellbutrin and Clonazapam over two weeks time. He had me take fish oil capsules containing 500mg of the essential fatty acid E.P.A. twice a day just like the studies. Our brain apparently has this essential fat in it but depressed people don't have near enough of it. And people in iceland who eat about 200 1bs of fish a year versus 58 lbs/yr in U.S. have almost no incidents of depression. I was very skeptical because no vitamins or herbals ever helped me much and had to rely on Wellbutrin. You won't believe it but I felt better in a week and had a steady increase in improved mood over the next few months. I still take 500mg / day plus eat more sardines & salmon since I know it is brain food. It has been 7 months and I am also not as nervous anymore. You can do a search on fish oil and depression to read about these studies if you want to try it. You can keep taking meds and it will work better, then after awhile you don't need them, just the fish oil. I'm pleased to report it doesn't cause an odor either.
I was on Wellbutrin XL 150mg for 8 days and it made me a nervous wreck. I was so agitated, that I could not sit still. I was also on Zoloft 100mg at the same time which I had already been on for 10 years.