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Hee Hee, I can so relate! I wouldn't worry though, since you're exercising. That's great! Actually, I'm on here at least once a day. It seems by the time I respond to a thread, it gets lost during the night because there are so many new ones, if you know what I mean. I was taking zoloft because the dr. thought I was allergic to lexapro. As long as I take zyrtec, I don't break out in hives. I don't think I have been back on the lexapro long enough yet for it to be built up in my system. I'm scared since I've been on and off of it, it might not work as well or for as long. We'll see....I'm staying optimistic. I might try the working out in the evening, also. I try to shoot for the am, but it sure is easier to hit the snooze button. Oh, I also have moved up to 20mg, like you. I think that will make a difference.
Glad you're feeling better, also. How was Mexico? By the way, I think we're on the wrong board.....shouldn't we be on anxiety, not depression? Hee Hee!