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Quote from princess72:
Does anyone know of any anti-depressants that DONT cause weight gain? I know they react diffrently with every individual-----------but, if anyone knew of one that definately WONT cause weight gain. I've tries soooo many and eventually ended up putting on weight............then made me more depressed! It's almost like having to think to yourself...hmmmmm, would i rather feel depressed or put on a little weight??????

I lost weight on celexa, gained weight on effexor, and have stayed the same on zoloft which I am currently on. I am on such a low dose 50 mg that may account for the lack of weight gain.

I will never for get when I asked my doctor if the anti depressents will make me gain weight and she just looked at me and said "thats the least of your problems, if u gain weight we will deal with that" In retrospect I know she was right I am fianlly feeling so much better and have still got the weight gained about 15 pounds from effexor but its something I can deal with at a later date. First and foremost was getting past the severe depression.
For me paxil put on the pounds and made me extremely tired. I was also on zoloft but I dont really remember what its effect was.