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I am taking Zoloft and am wondering what others experiences are with this drug? thanks for any and all responses.
I have chronic depression with what I call periodic "spikes". My primary MD first prescribed Zoloft to me. He kept raising the dosage til it reached 200 mg. When that did not help, he referred me to a psychiatirst. At that time, I was taking Zoloft 200 mg. I did not feel bad and I did not feel good. I just did not feel. Under the supervision of the psychiatrist, I slowing came off the Zoloft and went on another medication. Each person's psysiology is different. Zoloft may work great for you. I encourage you to give it a chance. However, if you don't feel better in a couple of weeks do not hesitate to go back to your MD. :wave:
Thank you for your response. What are you taking now? I felt wonderful on celexa but found the body tremors and jerks were too much. I am tempted to ask my doctor if I could try it again at a lower dose. I am on a low does of zoloft but i do lack energy and on celexa i had a lot of energy. Your right though it is so individual each persons response to anti-depressants.
Hiya, ive been taking 150mg Zoloft for almost a year now, but my initial side effects were enough to put anyone off.I had vigorous shakes, heart pulpatations, was physicaly sick for a few weeks constantly, i felt extremely extremely tired...falling asleep sometimes in lectures, i felt a thicker fog over me and just had no energy and didnt want to do anything.I felt in a daze, it was an extrodinary feeling.I became more tearful, aggitated and depressed for some time.Untill my dosage was then upped to what it is now and quite suddenly i started to feel better.Now i feel alot better, still not 100% but with Zoloft i am slowly getting getting there.
In the end it began to work its magic on me, but as a previous reply says each individual react to each medication differently.Give it a try and see how you feel in a few weeks time.
Good luck and take care.
I have been on zoloft for yrs and cant imagine not being on it...I'd probably be dead, no joke. My initial side effects werent too bad: cotton mouth, excessive perspiration, and about 5 lbs weight loss, didnt mind that one :D . I take 100 mg. If I go down to 50 I'm ok for a while, but it just doesnt do it, so I'm gonna stay at 100. It keeps my severe suicidal contemplations at bay. You have to see what works for you. I tried others and they had side effects I couldnt live with, like paxil...extreme fatigue, and prozac made me insane. Zoloft, I'm happy with.
I've been taking zolft for over over 11 years. 50 mg is fine for me. Occasionally I take 75mg. Life's bumps, turns, & crashes still get me down, but zoloft is very helpful.