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Hi all. I've suffered from severe depression all of my life. It has been bad in the past but seems to have hit the breaking point the past couple of years. I feel like crying all of the time, just want to sleep and never get out of bed. This is impossible as I have a 16-month old son.

I seem to take things horribly and blow tiny incidents way out of proportion when I could handle them better if only I wasn't so depressed and irritated all the time. For the record, I do NOT take any of my horrible feelings out on my son. I put on a brave "happy mommy" face for him, but things would be better if I was truly well. This isn't extended post partum depression. This is a chronic condition which is compounded by the fact that no medication has helped so far. (Tried Prozac, Zoloft, Welbutrin, Lexapro, etc).

I hate myself, I hate life in general and everything about it except my son, who is a wonderful little angel. I'm seeing a counsellor but my next appointment isn't until Nov. 21. What to do until then? Sit and cry? What good does that do? My husband is very supportive but doesn't understand my mental state. I'm sitting here considering calling one of those anonymous 800 numbers for depression but I'd feel stupid sitting there crying on the phone to a stranger. Besides, my son will wake up from his nap any second and I'd have to hang up....so what's the point.

Sorry to ramble on but I feel really, really hopeless today. Thanks for listening.
Hi - You have received some very positive and good replies, just thought I would add one of my own. Please don't discount Antidepressants, because a certain class (which you described a class called SSRI's) did not work. I too, tried Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac and none worked for me. I decided to give up on antidepressants and go on supplements, however, although supplements are very good, they are not regulated or go through extensive or thorough testing like antidepressants to (about seven years I think before they come FDA regulated) before they are put out on the market. SAM-e (over the counter - Amino Acid) really helped me, but it stopped working after two and half years. Antidepressants are very effective, however, you have not found the right one yet, and perhaps trying a different class of antidepressants such as SSNRI's, or the older Tryclyclics may help. I am glad that I gave antidepressants another try because I am on Remeron now and it has helped a great deal. If I did not give them another try, I would be suffering or going around trying to find different supplements or having to take two - six capsules a day that some herbs/supplements require. I find that just taking one pill a day - antidepressant is much easier than trying all these different supplements. Dietary Supplements or herbs are not all "safe and natural" as many people think, but have a chemical and synthesized process as they are put together and some supplements do have side effects, just like antidepressants. I had a friend who tried Ginko Biloba and her heart started to race so fast, she was taken to the hospital. You have to find the right antidepressant for you, and it can sometimes take several tries or perhaps a combo. I would highly recommend a thorough physical and mental evaluation by a trained specialist - also, see about having your thyroid checked as an overactive or underactive can be a sign of depression. Best of luck to you!