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this is for the original message from giiiii21 ok, i have a couple of replies for you on the topamax... i just started using it about a year and a half ago... it originally started out as a migraine preventive,(now i use it as both a mood stabilizer and migraine preventive, but that is a whole nother story) and the first day that i took it, i noticed things (i started out on 25mg) i noticed the carbonation on everything seemed to be gone, which is one of the biggest side effects my neuro told me, and the tingling came a few weeks later... but the major one that was bugging me was that everything tasted flat. it also changed my tastes for alot of things...like certain things don't taste the same anymore. and as far as the weight loss, i lost alot of weight when i was on it cause i got up to 300 mg and it started to mess with my stomach, so i had to drop it down to 200 mg, and i stayed at that for awhile. as far as taking it with the birth control, it's fine, but I AM NOT sure if topamax is one of the meds that counter acts with it meaning it doesn't let the birth control work the way it is supposed to. as far as obsessive compulsive, you might want to talk to your dr about zoloft or paxil, cause i know those are used for obsessive compulsive, it says so on the insert and when you look them up on the net.