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Hi There!

I have an incredibly fun, but also very stressful and demanding job! (I fly offshore in the gulf of mexico for oil/gas indy...yes, I'm a lady heli-pilot :) )

I cannot take anything for the nerves! FAA has even banned tylenol pm!

I agree with others about Kava...I went that way, but developed photosensitivity. It does have some potential nasty long term effects.

However! I found a natural sub called L-Theanine.
I tried the 5-HTP, but since I do Not have any depression issues, this was counter productive to me as after about 4-5 days, I grew short tempered, and aggressive...and for No reason! BUt I certainly felt it and stopped taking the 5-HTP. I even tried it again months later, but the same thing happened.

I talked at length to a pharacist and she recommended the L-theanine. I cant say enough about it and have introduced it to so many others who love it now too.
It is non-toxic...heck, you can do a search for info!

It will calm you nerves, and have NO after effects nor side effects. I even got a neighbor who is severely bi polar and eats Zoloft like candy, on it and I was shocked how well it has helped her!
I have struggled with 30 yrs of chronic insomnia, and this has finally allowed me to s-l-e-e-p. I can go on and off it without any neg effects whatsoever!

There are ALSO stronger natural, non-toxic substances called Phenibut and Deprenyl....but these are very strong, but have some wonderful properties for the brain (see studies)

I suggest you check out this forum for brain food and nootropics:
this is the Immortality Institute: lots of forums, I use the Health and subforum Nootropics.

My supplier is UniqueNutrition.net
You can read the info there too for L-theanine, Phenibut, and Deprenyl

Best of luck! :D


I tried the kava, became photosensitive, and I agree it has some potentially nasty long term effects

I have an extrememly Fun job, but it is very highrisk, demanding and stressful! ( fly helicopter in gulf of mexico for oil/gas ind'y..lady pilot :D )
We cannot take anything, not even tylenol pm!

I also tried the 5-HTP and not having depression issues, after a few days I became short tempered and aggressive, for No reason!

I talked to a pharmacist at length and she told me about L-Theanine.
Long story short, I swear by it! I have told many others who are having good success with it too (including a neighbor who is manic and eats zoloft like candy).
It will relax and calm you, and help with sleep. It is non-toxic and nooooo side effects nor does it up-regulate.
I've battled a 30 yr chronic insomnia problem and this has allowed me to s-l-e-e-p thru the night for the first time in decades!

If you do have depression problems, there is also Phenibut and Deprenyl.
Here is a fantastic link to a forum for Brain food and Nootropics:
This is the Immortality Institute, lots of forums, but that link goes right to the health/nootropic subforum.
Please take some time and research/prove to yourself about L-theanine, Deprenyl, and then phenibut.

My supplier is UniqueNutrition.net, their website also has some info on nootropics!

I do hope you'll look into at Least the L Theanine. Also, you'll pay 3-5 times more in a health food store than the internet. Unique Nutrition ( I shopped a lot and did the research) for a reputable supplier with top quality, and affordable!
I toot their horn just because I am so satisfied!

But please, do your own research! I really hope you find something Natural!!!! as opposed to prozac, zoloft....poison! :yawn:

Best of luck to you!