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I tried lexapro for just 2 days. Turned me into a zombie. I tried Zoloft for only 12 days and had panic attacks and just felt like I was going to lose it. I havent taken anything since sept. I still feel awful, but I have god days sometimes. I just feel worried all the time and sometimes it is intense that I will never be well again. Sometimes my mood just goes to the bottom. What can I take or do. Should I try another ant- depressant, could just 12 days of one ant-depressant have thrown me into this state I am stil in. I had a worry and anxiety going before I tried the lexapro. Doctor says I was spiraling toward the bad thoughts anyway, not 12 days of anti-depressants. I am worried about trying another, anybody have good luck with h-tp or sam-e. Is the intense worry that comes on from a chemical imbalance. I try to block it but it sets in hard.