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Overcast I just wanted to let you know that I do relate to what you are going thru because I am in a similar situation. My son is 18, not very outgoing,distances himself from others. I think most of his is because he has had trouble making friends all of his life and now he has started to make stuff up to impress people so they will like him but instead it is making the problem worse. He has no self esteem at all. He has 1 friend that he talks to on the phone but she is a girl. I can only imagine what he is feeling being 18 and no friends and no girlfriend. He thinks he is ugly but he's not. To make matters worse he quit school Monday and is moving 3 hours away to be with hid Dad and grandmother. I'm taking it really hard. He takes Zoloft but his attitude is terrible. Not sure if thats the med or just being a teen and frustrated. I have depression so I know what that feels like. I hope you and your son find your way. Good luck to you both xx.