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has anyone taken zoloft and wellbutrin as a combo? I used to take prozac and wellbutrin together when i was a teen but now that i am older my dr. is wanting me to try zoloft.
Are there any side effects that anyone knows of or do they work well together? I would like advice from people who have taken the combo cuz sometime i dont know if the doctor know all that he says he knows.
Thank you to anyone for the advice.
Hi alone22 and a_blue_nowhere! :wave:

I took Zoloft and Wellbutrin for a couple of years. It was successful to a good degree.

But I had to stop the Zoloft when I found that it was giving me diarreah. Now, this is not to be expected from everyone, because I have similar sensitivities to other meds.
I regreted having to quit Zoloft, because my psych and I haven't found an adequate replacement.

It doesn't seem to have any serious side effects for most people. If it hadn't started giving me diarreah, I would definitely be on it.

xpax :)
I have been on 100mg of Zoloft many years for depression. I am always complaining of feeling tired so the doctor is now having me take 150mg of Wellbutin in the am and 50mg of Zoloft pm. Its been about a month and I am feeling much more alert with no known side effects.