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This medicine along with Zoloft seems to be making me more fatigue along with other horrible symptoms. I am going to try to go med free. Is there a best way to ween off Wellbutrin?


It is probable the Zoloft is making you groggy and not the Wellbutrin, i have never thought much of the SSRi's.

I agree with Ainsy. It is not the Wellbutrin making you sleepy - it is the Zoloft. I was on Zoloft for over a year, and I slept ALL the time. I've been on Wellbutrin now for almost 16 months, and my sleep pattern and length has totally regulated. I told this to my dr., and he agrees. Wellbutrin tends to rev you up a little, rather than make you sleepy. That's why it's a morning med, rather than an evening med. So, blame your fatigue on the Zoloft!