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Hi all. If it's any help, I felt better after about 7-10 days. It definitely helped the anxiety first, then the depression later. I understand about the hormones - I had my hyst in 1994. I definitely wouldn't discount the hormones as being a big part of the mood changes. I've been taking XL for over a year now, after being on several different drugs (including Zoloft). It's been a lifesaver! :bouncing:
Hang in there - I'm hoping it'll work for you, too. What I like about Wellbutrin XL is that there are no negative side effects (at least for me). The only side effect I experienced was weight loss (not a bad thing). I had very bad sexual side effects on the Zoloft, and those went completely away with the Wellbutrin. :bouncing:
I lost 15-17 pounds after starting the Wellbutrin XL. I've kept it off for over a year now (but need to lose more, of course). Still, it's a great side effect. It doesn't happen for everyone, but I'm one of the lucky ones! I didn't have a lot of weight game after my hysterectomy (lucky again, I guess). All of my weight gain came after an injury and 2 back surgeries (can't jog anymore). This was also the reason for my depression and anxiety (had to stop working). Zoloft, Lexapro and others didn't work, but Wellbutrin XL did. I still have a lot of pain (nerve damage) in my back, so my dr wanted to piggyback Cymbalta (it has documented pain relief properties, in addition to being an antidepressant). But, I suffered from severe nausea after just a day or two, so we stopped that pronto. So, I'm taking 2 150 mg Wellbutrins every morning, and doing well. :bouncing: