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I usually feel decent at times. I get the all of a sudden bad mood and hopeless feeling. It has been lifting pretty fast lately when it occurs. Do any of you guys get these feelings that get you low ad then it lifts. I wonder if the Omega 3 is making it easier or is it starting to lift. I am so afraid to try medication. I never had such a bad experience as I did with lexapro and Zoloft. I don't get so low that I want to lay in bed, my mood will just start going in the gutter with that awful dread feeling. Then it usually only lasts for 10 minutes or so. It can come back though at any time. Last week I was almost symptom free. Is this what depression does? 2 months ago I thought I was going to lose my mind, it was constant emotional pain, but now it is no where near as bad. I have been on the fish oil for 6 weeks now. I feel like myself and not as worried or down just a few minutes after each episode. Could it be more like anxiety attacks, or can depression come and go? Just wondering what you guys think Thanks for any help.
I'm on Zoloft for depression and anxiety, and I can only speak from my own personal experience: the depression is honestly non-existant anymore, but I still have frequent anxiety attacks, anger outburts and such. I'm sure if you're depressed you could still get those symptoms of depression - medication is just to help you feel better, it's not a cure, and you're bound to feel miserable or angry at some point regardless.
do you take medicine. I had a really bad experience with Zoloft, so I don't want to try another. Is one bad experience mean no to the medicine. Do you get these episodes all the time or every once in a while. I was almost completely free from it last week, but I have had a few this week come back. It is just frustrating, because I want to get better. I thought the Zoloft triggered all of this. I only took it for 15 days, but I had never had thoughts and mood swings like I did on that stuff, that was in Sept. I have been through some terible days since then. All of Oct. was rough. I had suicidal intense thoughts and it was awful. It has let up a lot since then, I just can't understand feeling this way other than the Zoloft setting me off. My wife says I was headed down this road anyway before trying the Zoloft. Even when I feel better it is kinda hanging around , I just wait for it. When i feel good I think about when I am not going to. I still worry about it bad. Maybe I am on the brink of being over this. I do handle it better than before. but I just wonder what I could do to help get better. I am taking omega-3 prescribed by the Doc. He wants to try one of the mod stabilizers but I am to scared to try it. Any more help will be aprreciated. I don't feel like staying in bed, or not doing things, it is just this constant oh no here it comes, when am I going to be better.
No, I've never tried Zoloft. I was on anit-depressants as a teen, but not as an adult. I wish I had some insight for you on medications, but I'm pretty out of touch with them these days. The med I took was called Nortriptoline. And that was some 16 years ago.

I get the mood swings when I'm having a depressive episode. I get these episodes anytime, for a few weeks to a few years. Usually there's some stress trigger- something comes up. And then I start getting symptoms. The mood swings are a symptom I can always count on. When they go away, I know the depression is lifting. Some days I don't have a mood swing, other days I might have several ups and downs. I've never really caught a pattern. But usually mornings are my best time.

If suicidal ideation isn't normal for your depression perhaps it is the Zoloft? I would certainly wonder that, myself. Mabye there's a Zoloft info website? I know some anti depressants do have these problems, ironically enough. I'd definetely talk to the prescribing doc right away about that. If it's any consolation, I have suicidal ideation on a regular basis during depressive episodes. It's as common a thought as any for me. I've never acted on it and don't believe I would- it's an indulgent, comforting whim more than anything and doesn't scare me like it once did. I do think the more fearlessly present and observant you are in your depression (which it sounds like you are by the tone of your posts), paying attention to things, researching and asking questions, the more effectively you'll be able to deal with it. Treat it like any other disease- like diabetes, for instance. You're stuck with it, like it or not, but you can manage it and live a good life.

I hope you'll be feeling better soon. This is a hard time of year for even non-depressed people. It helps me to know that. It's just another stressor to add to the other's that causes a depressive "flare up".