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Just wondering if you guys fight without meds. Could using an anti-depressant for just 12 days have thrown me into this depresso. I have not quit feeling like I did on the Zoloft for just those 12 days yet? That was in Sept. Did that med. fry my brain. I tok it for anxiety and I went into orbit on it and haven't come back. How do you know what put you here. How do you control the constant worrying that the medicine did this. I had symptom free days 2 weeks ago and thought it was over. Then last week it started creeping with the constant worrying about being depressed. Doctor wants to try Albify. Does that help, I don't have mania or halucinatons. Could the Zoloft just helped push me over. What do you do to change your thoughts? Would you try another med? May God be with you all.

That's seem odd that you are having these effects now. However, I have been on Zoloft for 10 years and I just had a job loss and my doctor upped it to 150mg from 100mg, and I have been going through the side effects for 21 days. Plus, the new dosage has not kicked in totally to change my mood.

The best person to ask is your pharmacist since their education is Rx. Also, your anxiety over becoming depressed could be responsible for feeling depressed. Similar to mine in which I was worrying on how I could become depressed when I was already on an anti-depressant med.

Hope this helps some.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Re: Boiler454 "Anyone fight depression without meds?"[/FONT]

I have had good results with 500mg of EPA twice daily. It is one of the omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil. I also eat 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil/day for another important fatty acid called lauric acid. Our brain is made of EPA/DHA/Lauric acid. The brain is 60% fat. My orthomolecular M.D. put me onto it. I dumped my Psychiatrist and switched to him in April after 7 years of weird thoughts and aggression with anti-depressants. I started on Zoloft but got kooky manic symptons & diahroea. Then paxil, effexor, epival, trazadone, remeron, wellbutrin sr. All accompanied by anti-anxiety clonazapam. I tapered off meds in April after two weeks of fish oil, now I'm drug free, just take aforementioned oils, plus 1000mcg B12, 1000mg MSM (brings oxygen to brain). Also eat olive oil, mixed nuts, more fish than I used to.

If you're interested, here's a link to info on the depression & fish oil studies. Some groups were given the EPA while on meds too, with no side effects and improved a lot compared with only meds. A book about the research is called "The Omega 3 Connection."