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No, actually that was a very good analogy. I understood it fully and it completely makes sense.

It's very easy to take pills and don't get me wrong I love the medications we have today in modern society for psychiatric disorders. I think there is one out there for every person. If not, there is a combination of them, but the hardest part can be first to find the medication(s) (hopefully not though) and then secondly to kick ourselves in the butt and get moving when we know we should be doing something and we don't. Basically, we know to continue and sit around and sulk does us no good. I mean, ofcourse someone suffering from the reality of a famine is not going to be helped much by Prozac.

Otherwise though, I feel that even when people find the medication(s) that works right for them, they're afraid to take the plundge and try something fun. It's like our minds start listening in on the medication, and questioning "are you working?" "Are you sure you're working?" "Are you sure you're going to help me through my day?" It's true, most of us need medication to give us a good kick in the butt to get going but then we must realize the limitations of the medication. The rest is up to us to create our own path of joy to walk down and keep creating as we go. We ofcourse, are going to get knocked down along the way and get hit with some negative crap that's beyond our control. But I think we have to realize that it's beyond our control and accept it as reality. Sometimes I believe, there are things that we can control and can do to help us feel better but we are to blinded by our feelings of depression to notice it. For example, one day I was feeling depressed, anxious, hopeless and apathetic. I knew there had to be a medication out there to help me with what i was feeling but i didnt find it yet. I didnt want to give up. Anyway, i took a little extra Zoloft and said screw this, I'm outta here. I went for a long walk, went to the gym came home and took a hot shower and I felt better and was thinking more positively. It almost started like a chain reaction. After that, I was able to do some other things and feeling even a little more confident.

I guess what i'm saying is, is that even with the help of Prozac, we have to rely and trust ourselves when it comes to doing something that can not only help with the present depression, but even the way we think about depression. Sometimes it's not that difficult. It could be as simple as going outside to get some fresh air and talk to a friend on the phone. A real friend. Someone you can trust with your feelings. Sometimes as I force myself to do things I realize, wow, "look at all the things I've just done and I'm supposed to be depressed and out of it." I think continually forcing ourselves to move and do something everyday without looking past that day can help decrease the fearful intensity of that memory. I hope i made some sense or atleast you were able to understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not the best writer in the world but this is just some stuff i've been thinking about. I'm basically saying do something that can help you think more positively about depression. In other words, "this doesnt have to last forever." "I can beat this, even though I don't see it because I feel blinded."

The whole key for me is to stop feeling depressed about the depression and/or anxious about feeling depressed. To change my perceptions and ways of thinking about depression as a whole.