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Actually, no one knows why antidepressants take weeks to start working if they work at all. No one has figured out exactly how they work yet. Scientists have an idea of how most antidepressants work initially but it is obvious that how they work in your brain initially is not how they work to treat depression and anxiety. There is some kind of chain of events that happens after repetitive use of the drug that no one understands yet.
I had a bad experience with zoloft. I only took it for 12 days. I had sucidal thoughts and extreme panic atacks. I quit the medicine and my symptoms spiraled and got worse a month later, then in November it got intense again. This all started in late August with my first dose of zoloft. Could all of this hell I have been through be a reaction. My wife says I was already headed down this road. I have improved gratly, but my mood still goes down and I just cry. I still get the constant worry about all of this that won't go away. I worry about everything now since this has happened. I am scared to try anything that could help me. My doctor wants me to try paxil. They want me to take it slow. just 10 mg every other day for the first week, then go up from there. I still feel that the Zoloft caused all of this . Would you try again? I read where you used paxil.