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Could I have a good experience with taking another med? I have tried Zoloft for just 12 days back in sept. and have gone down hill since. I had suicidal thoughts. Extrme panic attacks. I quit the med and after 3 weeks went into all kinds of symptoms. Intense days of just mental anguish. My wife and doc think I was already at the breaking point. I have improved over the last 3 weeks. I stil get extreme worry and my mood will just go al at once and I just cry it out. Could I just now be healing from the med. I am taking Buspar and feel better takng it. My doctor says I need paxil for the constant worry and the bad depressive episodes. I am scared to try. I know that people have a bad reaction to one med, then they go and take another and do better. I am just scared to try it, but I need something. I nedd advise. Can the Buspar keep me level. It has helped already in just a week.Could a bad reaction last this long. That hapened with the med att the last part of August, first part of sept.