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So, while not wanting to attempt to tell you about my 24 (newly! yesterday) rapid cycling bi polar life, I'll give what I can to this topic. I can tend to tell exagerrated stories where parts and bits are true then the other tends to be outrageous. My mom who has studied bi polar since I was about 14, calls me on it. I don't know why its just what flies out of my mouth. I tell it till I think it really happened or sometimes I forget about it altogether. Happens between my cycles or something. Hate it though. But after all the meds I do take regularly ... Zoloft 250 mg, Geodon 120 mg, and Seroquel 300 mg, oh and Klonopin 2s but it still happens, and Ive switched meds alot, 12-15 times. Ive begun to think its just me.