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I was just curious, Does anyone else get extremely aggitated, aggravated, whatever at their doctors visits? I go to my Pain Management Doc once a month for basically refill followups for my meds.... I dont actually see the PM Doc, I see his P.A's he has 3 of them... I had been seeing one girl for like almost a year, then all of a sudden they switched me to one of the other ones... she was kinda familiar with my history, had gone over my file before my appointment, and had seen me when I was at the office before.... She was right to the point, listened to me, wrote out my scripts, and I was on my way, 15-20 min..... I go for my visit yesterday, and I get yet a new PA.... this guy was like talking to rainman.... he ask how much Oxy I was on, I told him 40mg 3x a day.... he looked right back at me and said.... 20mg 2 x a day?? then he ask if I had ever tried Methadone, I told him Yes! He said, "Why did you stop taking it?" ITS IN MY FILE.....I then had to go into the deep explaination of why I wasnt on it anymore, Why the Pm Doc took me off it.... etc.. etc... etc....I was explaining I needed a follow up letter for my LTD company, I told him there was a letter in there from the other PA I had seen that had done my last follow up letter...told him basically all he needed to do was duplicate the same letter just make a few changes.. like my med changes, The fact that my pain wasnt any better, that Im having spasms again....and other info..... he read it, and then says, "So what am I supposed to do?" I had just told him and explained it.... I told him when he finished the letter, to call me and I would come and pick up the letter at the office, he looks at me and says, "So you want me to fax it to your LTD company when Im done, correct?" I was like NO!! listen to me!! and told him again.... then he goes to write my scripts, it took him 45 min to write three scripts cause he couldnt remember how many MG's of Oxy I was taking... came back 3 times to ask me... once again I said... 40MG 3 TIMES A DAY!! I ask about a muscle relaxer, because they took me off the one I was on about 2 months ago, and my Spasms have returned terribly... I told him I was on Zanaflex then.. and could he write a script for that... he ask me WHY? Why did I need it? For pete sake I had just explained it to him! He ask if I was on anything for depression, I told him I had been on Zoloft, he said did it help< I told him it seemed to, he wrote me a script for Effexor.....After over 1hr in the doctors office 45min of which was writing 3 scripts I got to leave... Needless to say I was EXTREMELY aggitated, I hate going to the doctors office, having a PA or Doc see you continuously know your history, etc.. then suddenly flip you over to someone else then have to explain it all gain... have them ask why about this and that... or ask you the same thing 20 times.. its just really aggravating.... Well, I will stop ranting, was just curious if anyone else has delt with this?