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Had some fried chicken and hilariousally
enough I think that's what's causing my chest
pain due to my paranoia, and also I'm on
Zoloft 100mg once again to make sure the
higher dosage could fix/do something for
me... ahh... oddly enough when I begun
getting some mental clarity, the physical
symptoms of a few palps only a FEW in a few
hours so far and of course the chest pain
rebegun after a while.
It could be gas.. fried chicken tends to be pretty greasy, even I get gas or chest pains after eating greasy foods. I have a panic disorder and am on 150mgs of zoloft. I used to think certain things caused my panic attacks. I guess our bodies are conditioned to react to certain stimuli that has caused us distress before. Anxiety as well will cause chest pain and heart palps. Are you on anything else besides the zoloft?? Maybe a prescription for some anti-anxiety would help.

Take Care
Hi, I'm on 100mg of Zoloft just today after being upped from 50mg for being on it like 7 weeks since it really hasn't done that much to improve me even though I can go outside now and go on car rides to the store but still have depression/paranoias... I also have a prescription for xanax 0.50 3 times a day but I still worry a lot... I hope these phobias go away.