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I havent travelled om a little over 2 years now to anywhere outside the country, so I dont think thats whats causing my problems. Yesterday I went to the ER because the joints in my hands and fingers just all stuck together and I couldnt move them. They did blood test and not much turned up. My red blood cell count is low as always and something else was wrong with the sediment of my blood. They didnt even explain this to me so I am going to research it further. I sat in a room for 2 hours before anyone even talked to me about what was going on. By that time I got my fingers worked out and they were moving again, so the dr assumed I was faking it. The dr had me put on an IV to get some fluids in me and also to give me some IV muscle relaxants. By this time I had been there almost 4 hours and didnt feel any different than when I came in. Then they discharged me with some low grade muscle relaxants that have no effect on my body. They didnt do anything about the pain in my side. I had a drs appointment today and they want me to go to counselling for depression. I'm not depressed! In fact I am a rather happy person. Its just that my body doesnt have the stregnth to do oall the things I used to be able to do. I was prescribed zoloft for the fibromyalgia, but still no change. I feel like Ive been poisened and everyday is worse than the last. I just want to feel good again and be able to live life.