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Hi Jennlynn,

Feel free to ask away as I did all year that I was very ill. I had so many other symptoms including the tinnitus and popping. Little by little some of the symptoms have gone away. My tinnitus itself is still there and very bothersome; however, the popping is pretty much gone but took many months to go.

My neurotogist tried zoloft to help with the ringing, but I only took it for a week as I had a really bad adverse reaction to it. I have been on Kloenpin since August which is a a vestibular suppressant (old anti-seizure med in the vallium class and also used for anxiety). I take a very small doseage of it and while it hasn't helped my tinnitus it has helped with my dizziness and my vision problems are improving. A couple of months into taking it, I think it has helped some with my anxiety caused from my inner ear problem. Someone else on this board took an SSRI (antidepressant) and claims his tinnitus disappeared shortly thereafter so they may help you.

I know how hard it is with a small child as my illness started when my son was barely 4. I feel as if I've missed a whole year of his life.

Like I said, there have been others whose tinnitus has gone away completely and I always hold onto that hope even when I feel so grim.

Do you have any other symptoms beside the tinnitus and popping noises?

As for sleeping, I do have difficulty falling asleep at first, but never had really any problem sleeping through the night. I don't like other noises at all whenn I'm trying to sleep so I never try and drown it out as it wouldn't help me anyway. I just live with it as awful as that sounds. I can't stop it and try not to concentrate too much on it even though mine is very loud as it just starts me crying and makes matters worse.

As long as it seems for you, you haven't had it that long and there is a good chance it will go as tinnitus after an ear infection seems to be common. I know someone through my mother-in-laws work who had it after an ear infection and then it just went away after 6 months. She never got it again and it is about 10 years later.

Feel free to ask away. There seems to only be a few of us on the boards who are bother by the tinnitus symptom so don't feel bad if you don't get a lot of responses. Lizzy33 on the boards and willsmom both said they had tinnitus for a long time and then it went away. Lizzy33 recently posted to me that her's took about 14/15 months, but we seem to have had many more symptoms than you so don't think yours may last that long.

Take care - Gloria