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It did help me see that I was doing the very best I could. I felt so guilty when I learned she wasn't taking her pills. But she is taking them there, they make certain, and it made no difference. G says she is just up/down all day long. Fine/then combative. She says Zoloft just isn't enough now.

Yes, we were paying for everything, too, from her money. I knew medicaire wouldn't pay until all her money was gone. But anywhere I've taken her; doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, they always wanted her HMO card and her Medicaire card. Even G made a copy of her medicaire card. I thought it was something you had to have, whether you actually used it or not.

It amazed me that they could just cancel medicaire and leave you with the hmo so arbitrarily, no notification, etc. It's deducted from her ss check. I guess when she turned 65 and signed up for ss, she had a choice of 3 supplement plans. Everyone on the plan she chose, had medicaire cancelled at the first of the year.

Sally, I'm not sure what they'd do if someone is depending on that money from medicaire. Makes you wonder? We weren't depending on it and knew it would be awhile before we needed it to kick-in. It just upset me that she doesn't even have it and we were never notified.

I think my brothers felt like that, too, Sally. A little surprised that I'd been taking care of her in such a state when even the AFH is trying desparately to get her new meds.

I hope we can get her settled down soon. This is disturbing for us as well as her. I told dh last night, it will feel so good to see her calm again.