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Hey guys, I was just wondering If I can get some input from everyone on this board that are on Anti-Depressants, I am currently on Zoloft, but It is quite expensive $90.00 Without insurance... and $60.00 with insurance...for a 30 day supply... Do any of ya'll know of any of the drugs that are expensive but effective? Please give me some input and let me know... Thanks Guys!!

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I was on Zoloft for 2 years. I got hurt at work in my lower back and am now having chronic back pain. I was switched from Zoloft to Alevil. It seems to work fine. There is nothing like a back injuryt o bring on depression. I have not had any of that feeling in the past year and a half on Alevil. A word of warning about getting off Zoloft. There has been very many problems posted on the Zoloft site. It is very interesting to go off it. There was like electric shock behind my eyes. Be careful, some people really had some bad things happen. Good luck. My pills were $110.00 and it was tough, but they were worth it.
All of the tricyclics work well for certain things, but if you are doing well on your Zoloft and want to stay on it you can do several things to get assistance with the cost. 1)talk you your pharmacist, ask for the phone # of a place you can call for assistance. Ask the pharm. to look up to see if Zoloft is on one of many lists. 2) Find out the manufacture of Zoloft (Galaxo-SmithKline???0 Get a phone number or go on line to contact them directly, they may have you and your doc fill out a Patient Assistance form.
I did this for Seroquel with the manufacture AstraZeneca.
Another suggestion you may want start with is another Pt. Assistance program which works like this; You pay an initial 35.00 fee, then each of your Rx's is $15.00 per script. The phone number to call is 1-877-331-0362
Have to cost per month of all your meds ready, they will ask you that. Then they will call you back with an answer
Home some of these help
Let us know how it goes - Good Luck , Help is out there if we really dig for it!
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I agree with JD - amitryptaline is good. The brand name is Elavil. I took it for depression some years ago (before all the new anti-d's came out.)

It worked quite well for me for depression. Good luck. Some of the national drug chains will give you quotes for Rx drugs if you know the name and dosage of the med.

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Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while, but anyway... I am familiar with the Elavil, I was on it when I wrote the original post, my PM Doc had me on it 1 tab at night to help me slowly get off Methadone, and also to help me relax so I can sleep...but I was also taking Zoloft of the morning, for depression... I now take 1- 100 mg Zoloft in the AM, and 1 -25mg tab of Elavil in the PM before bed, along with Methadone at night (yes back on the Methadone) but anyway, the thing I am experiencing now is that I dont feel the Zoloft or the Elavil are helping the depression, and the Elavil is not helping me sleep at night, doesnt even make me sleep anymore..... I still cant motivate myself to get out of bed during the day or get out and go anywhere...just dont feel like it, basically wanna lay in bed and sleep all day, they just upped my Zoloft a couple months ago to 100 mg... but I still dont really feel any difference..so I dont know what I am gonna do, I am supposed to go back to my PM doc this week, so hopefully they can suggest something, Anyone else have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know... OK?

Thanks Bunches!!