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hi everyone! I was just wandering if anyone besides me is completely frustrated with all of this medical stuff? :dizzy: I will be put in the hospital for the 2nd time, for observatin... :( here are some of my symptoms:
-severe head pressure
-hot sweats (sometimes)
-heart palpatations
-hillusinations (sp) (sometimes...)
-chest pain
-hard to breath (sometimes)
-blurred vision
those are pretty much all that I can think of... I was diagnosed with Syncope not to long ago, probably about a year agao, and have been put on third line drugs, but nothing seems to have worked. I barely ever make it to school, and I am a cheerleader, and cant go to my competion coming up :( I am over frustrated! They think that they have some what controlled the syncope with the meds, and think that I am having other problems.
They thought that I was having Panic or anxiety attacks, and put me on Zoloft to try it out, but found that I hillusinated and was doing worse, so now Im off of that! I was also on a sleeping med that was supposed to help with the severe head pressure with them thinking that they could be migrains, but they took me off of that as well. Someone who my mom works with suggested me getting tested for Lupus, b cuz I have some rashes, but I have always had some difficulties with my skin, so we dont really think that is what it is, but we are definetely going to get tested! We are at our witz end, and are willing to try anything at this point. I am 16, almost 17. If anyone has ANY advice, I would be most appreciated!!! thank you so much!