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Hi! I am curious about this topic also. I was diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder in 2003, but i also had symptoms of hair loss, fatigue, dry skin, etc that I was told was part of anxiety.I was extremely nervous all the time, which led to anxiety and then to panic attacks. I had HORRIBLE reactions to zoloft and paxil, and then was given xanax. I took a small dose daily for 2 years. The doctors never checked my thyroid until i was in the ER three times last summer experiencing symptoms ranging from dizziness to severe headaches. It was then discovered that I had a tsh of 8.125 , and tpo antibodies of 2,790 (0-34 range).

I have been on thyroid meds since sept 2005, and my tsh is now around a 4.2 ( I'm going to an endo in a different state to see if he will up my dose and help lower my TSH. My dr. who misdiagnosed me for 6 years now tells me that my tsh is "fine".) Ironically, i stopped taking xanax last september, and i no longer feel that i need it. Anxiety was, by far, my biggest complaint the last 3 years. As my TSH now slowly comes down, i can feel my anxiety and panic starting to slowly diminish.

I was never anxious my whole entire life. This whole anxiety/panic came out of nowhere. I always say that i don't know what's worse- having to deal with anxiety or having 50 horrible symptoms from hashimotos disease. I just know that life will be very unfair if someone had to live with both!! So i hope both of us are out of this boat soon!