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I have been asking same question. I just now started on my 50 mg. dose. My situation is little different. I was talking shots for my bones for 9 months (forteo) and apparantly it was really whacking my body.I had meltdown at family function May 30 (YEAH) . My doc took me off shots, started with seroquel for 3 weeks and was gaining a pound a day. Was MISERABLE!I had already gained 30 lbs. on the shots, started with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, so I will wait as long as it takes for it to kick in, can't be any worse than what I have gone thru the last year. I am also on zoloft for depression. Hope all goes good with u. I am just playing the waiting game now, (but am maybe back up to 50% now.........) It seems like it is a long and lonely road, (my husband is working out of state right) but maybe for the best because I am an awful person right now. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in............Punji