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Hey I had a couple questions.... I'm currently taken 75mg of zoloft, .5 mg of lorazapam as needed, and 5mg of buspar daily. ....(Oh and just began taken allergy medicine for SEVERE allergies) I've been looking into alternative medicine such as Kombucha, yoga, and acupuncture...My acupuncturist told me to take 5 "free and easy wanderer pills daily" they are chinese herbs and I believe are called "shao yao Wan..."
I've yet to start them because I haven't gotten a chance to talk to my other doctor about this---the interactions...I called my pharmacist and he just said to be sure to drink lots of waters with all herbal remedies, and that since they weren't fda approved he really couldn't say either way. UGH! I know you aren't supposed to take antidepressants and saint john's wart....soooooo does anyone know about these?? HOW effective is SHAO YAO WAN???? I hate the idea of taking all these medications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!! i used to never take any type of med even for a headache and then well it seems like all this hit me. yuck! anyways any recommendations????? I've also been trying to eat healthier...ect... ugh ugh ugh