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I tend to lean towards Gloria on her assesment.... I was diagnosed with MAV after 2 years. There are no tests that actually tell you that you have MAV. Usually you go through the ringer of inner ear testing. Hopefully this will show some sort of damage. Obviously sometimes the tests show nothing and you can still have inner ear problems. Then they try you all of the ways to help inner ear problems such as VRT. Once you exhausted all of those things they by a combinations of your symptoms they will try you on a MAV diagnosis. Uusally the doctor who diagnoses you with MAV is a Neurologist who specializes in headaches and is usually at some sort of Headache institute. A Neuro-Otologist is the doctor who specializes in innner ear disorders. Most of the time both doctors know a lot about both because very often both inner ear and MAV are one very similiar, two you can have both , and the symptoms overlap....The treat this with drugs on a trial and error basis. I am taking a Verapamil and Zoloft for mine. I am not cured or 100% but most of the time in the 90%'s and the medicine helps you manage the disorder.

Just my 2 cents but I would see a Headache Specialist.....

Gotta go as today is the new baby's first church outing