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I am currently on zoloft and I have been on it for about 2 months. There's a party I will be attending and I want to take ecstasy ( I would take half of the pill). Is this dangerous or will it only have minor side effects?
that would be a very unwise idea....If you are taking zoloft to fight depression/anxiety why would you want to do something so counterproductive? Not only would you seriously be risking serotonin syndrome, you would be risking a stroke or heart attack even more by mixing the two....Not a good idea....
There's a lot of things saying it's dangerous here, but I looked other places and it says the Zoloft would make it not effect you or boost the effect of the Ecstasy, but nothing else.
I've also heard people say they take Zoloft to make sure they don't get brain damage.
Even if what you guys say is true, what about if you don't take the zoloft the day you do it or the day after? Would that be okay?
I just looked at the dates of the last postes, so I doubt i'll get a reply, but it's worth a try.
XTC is a mood enhancer. There's a reason it's called the love drug. You will hug you worst most hated enemy on it. I see no reason to take the Zoloft on the nights that you plan to roll IMO it's point less. The only thing you should take with XTC is water or juice.
If you take it at all take before you go to bed or take it when you wake up. I know some people that withdrawl and get depressed and moody for a day or 2after they have taken XTC.
If your doctor told you to take the Zoloft daily I'd say just don't take it the day you plan to roll