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While I am not pregnant yet...TTC currently. I too suffer from anxiety. When I told my doctor that we were TTC she told me to try to lower my dose of meds(I take Effexor) and when I find out I am pregnant we'll get me off of it. She also mentioned that some drugs are better than others to take while pregnant and/or breast feeding. If I remember correctly 1 of them is Zoloft. Maybe do some research online to see if anything comes up. I am pretty sure she said Zoloft is the one that they are saying is ok to take. Good luck with your pregnancy and with you anxiety issue...I feel for you.
When I was first TTCing I was on Zoloft and my OB was fine with that. I tapered off it though before we conceived. When I was at my first appt. he asked if I was still on Zoloft and continued to have no problem with me being on this drug. It is a Class C drug, though, so definitely ask your doctor about it. (Paxil is a Class D drug -- one you definitely DON'T take during pregnancy.)