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Hi lilc

How nice to hear from you. Sad to hear about the evil depression that creeped back up, but you are not alone I have been battling it too ;)

I am sorry but I think your friend has some problems that she needs to deal with, and your MS is one of them, it's like she is saying "lets make everything look good on the outside" forget about feelings and compassion. Does she think that you will lose clients? When I tell people that I have MS, they always get a puzzled look on their face, then they say, I don't know much about MS, what does it do and then I go onto explain MS and it makes me feel more comfortable with that person, because I have nothing to hide, and neither do you.

Her sister, :mad: it was wrong of her to mention anything that you have done with your job, it's really not her business, her business is FILLING A STUPID DAILY DOSE PILL CASE, something that my 9yr old nephew could do, and she can't so who is making the mistakes now :rolleyes: at least you fixed your mistakes, she can't quite seem to master the pill case :p

Get back on your medicine, and don't stop taking it. I just had my zoloft upgraded to 150 mg in am, and pm and I think it is helping me. It is giving me more "want" to do and accomplish things. I also have gone back for a little therapy and that helps greatly, because it reminds me of who I am, and alot of times when dealing with daily life and MS you forget who you are and start thinking crazy :dizzy: well at least I do.

It's amazing that you are doing both you and your friends job, and it's been 6 weeks that is a long time to fill in for someone out of the office,
You should be proud of yourself, and I am sure that your friend is so glad that you are there to take care of things, just imagine if her sister was in charge :eek:

Ya know it is interesting that you were in church and remembered that you had stopped taking your AD, he/she [god is either a boy or girl, I cannot decide] is always there to help us, sometimes we don't hear and this time you heard

Hope that you are feeling better soon :)
sorry this is so long, I just gotalota to say