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I had this same problem with effexor. It worked great for awhile, then I had to have my dosage moved from 75 to 150...that worked for awhile...then seemed as if it wasn't working quite as good. I've been on numerous different anti-depressants over the past 11 years and the reason is because it's almost as if I become immune to them after a period of time.

I'm now on Zoloft which I took several years ago. Before Zoloft I was taking Cymbalta and loved it....however, my insurance didn't "like" this drug (not preferred) and after they paid a portion it was still costing me 60.00/month. As a single parent, this is a hefty price for me! Zoloft doesn't give me the energy boost that Cymbalta did but it is cheaper.

Anyway, probably more info than you needed! How long have you been taking Effexor? I wonder if after a period of time, our system becomes a bit immune to these drugs.....