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For the pass two years now I have be dealing with increasing pain in my mid to low back. I have had 5 drifferent type of injections, countless types of meds, and phy. therapy. Ok, now what? Nothing has been working and I have always said that I didn't want to be "Cut", but I give up the pain wins. I would like to know if anyone has dealt with something like this and what did they do to help or fix the pain. The doctors said that the hemangioma was pretty aggressive from most cases, but can't tell if thats was causing the chronic pain. The pain didn't start over night and it's just been getting harder to deal with. I've been on zoloft and zanaflex for the pass few months now, the zoloft make me nice to be around now. Most of my doctors (all five of them) think that the hemangioma inside my T10 is pressing to the spinal cord. I do trust my doctors and I feel they have been doing a good job, but I NEED THIS TO BE FIXED! Thanks any help would be great. K