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About 6 months ago my wife took some mega vitamins and some Omega 3
fish oils. Shortly after that she started having a foggy head, tingling in
her extremities and depressed moods. A couple of months later she was still
the same. Dr. gave her a B12 shot and she instantly got worse. The depression got much worse and her weight dropped. The tingling is gone but
the foggy head remained.

She took a Cortef for low Cortisol but that made her feel very bad. She has been evaluated
for depression and bipolar and both are negative. She was on Zoloft 12.5 mg, but it didn't help
much and she is no longer taking it. She reacts badly to most medication even Allegra for her

The most curious symptom is that she almost always feels better in the evening. This is an indicator of Hypoglycemia but she eats better than most and does not intake any caffiene, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. A Hypo diet has her eating almost no carbs, but her weight keeps dropping (5' 10" and 125 lbs.) I don't know what to advise her to do anymore. Advice??!!