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Hi there, I stopped 150mg of Zoloft on 2/5 and went on 10mg of Lexapro.

Well, within a few days, I felt these electric shocks, teeth would chatter (chills) and anxiety.

Please share your withdrawals symptoms and length in that I thought they were gone but today I had a minor electric shock, stomach cramps and chills.

I am starting to feel better with Lexapro, but all of these side effects\withdrawal are just discouraging...I see my doctor on Tuesday.

Thank you,
Did your dr. slowly wean you off of the zoloft before changing to Lexapro?
hi,i was on effexor xr 75 mg for 8 mos and my psychiatrist switched me to 50 mg zoloft started on the 25 mg first for 7 days and taking effexor also then after 1 month i was too stop the effexor and i did im not having any side effects and if i stop the zoloft which i only been on for 2 mos i just get a little dizzy and sometimes i get depressed but my psychiatrist is going to help ween me off since he believes all my troubles here are due to my thyriods which were high 8.45 then 2 weeks after starting my thyriod meds 25 mg it went down to 6 something he said most likely all these symtons will prob go away once my levels are regulated.now when i tried to stop effexor cold turkey i couldnt do it i had to go back on but see the effexor nor the zoloft seem to be working cause i still get depressed and have panic attacks but its prob because my thyriods are out of whack.